The Hand That Rocks The Cradle


This poem was written in the 1800’s by William Ross Wallace, and still rings true today.Β  More powerful, or rather more disillusioning words are rarely spoken.

Most of the issues we are so fervently protesting, advocating and pushing to change, are born and bred in our own homes.

Remember the saying “charity begins at home” ? Well, change does too.

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As a mom of boys, I am reminded daily that I play a large role in shaping their view of the world and their view of themselves.

These are the foundational moments.

A mother can make or break her son, his wife, their family. We need to seize teachable moments to show our boys to set boundaries, respect boundaries and respect differences.

Women easily forget that our roles, and the connection we keep with our Maker, holds the power to make this world a little less broken.

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