Lessons, revelations and joys of being a mom of boys.

Decor, cooking, travelling and adventure!

Spiritual journey, self discovery and and fundamental truths.


When I became a mom in 2015, I created this platform to document  all I am discovering throughout my journey as a woman, a wife, a mom, and a child of God!
Here you will find content on motherhood, decor, recipes, beauty, personal growth – anything a girl might deal with.
I live to find the meaning and motivation behind everything, to understand the heart of God and His people, knowing what the purpose of our creation is and resting in the fact that I am living it!
Professionally, I am a certified Life Coach and founder of Vinova Communications, a niche public relations agency where we work with companies to define, develop, and grow their brands.


Values are not ideals. They are not the presentable paragons that fill your mind when you tell someone what is important to you… (read more)

This is the highest peak of Germany on the border of Austria, overlooking the Alps. When you turn around, you have this view of the Eibsee back in Germany… (read more)

When we conceive or adopt a child, something supernatural happens in our being. A transformation of values, beliefs and instincts… (read more)

Colours such as whites, creams or pastels always seem to have a calming effect and makes any space look bigger… (read more)

Many of us have this idea that happiness is brought about by money, fame, or rather a life event… (read more)

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