The Simplest Fried Chicken Recipe EVER!

I literally blew my own mind last night with this recipe!

I don’t know who to give the credit, the brand of wine I was drinking or the fact that my husband was out so I had the chance to cook dinner?!

After the third kind of meat I defrosted, I saw the Corn Flakes in our pantry…. And it just came to me!! “Deep fry the chicken in Corn Flakes!!!!”

So I took out the chicken fillets, defrosted them and cut them into 1.5cm slices, beat them with a hammer, dipped them into beaten eggs, then into the smashed corn flakes and voila!!!! Success!!!

Here are the golden nuggets of wisdom I learned last night :

  • Make sure not to cut the chicken too thick otherwise it won’t cook through.
  • This might not be the healthiest food for your toddler, but if he refers to it as cookies and finishes everything, then I would say it was a success!! Serve with their favorite veggies, then you will be able to live with yourself.
  • Spice it.
  • Don’t turn around for one second.
  • The bottom of a big glass works best to smash the corn flakes!

What you’ll need :

  • About 6 eggs
  • Half a pack of Kellogs Corn Flakes. Maybe a little more…
  • 6 deboned chicken fillets
  • Salt, pepper (or whichever spice you prefer)
  • A litre of cooking oil.




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