Happy Mother’s Day!

This week I prayed asking God what is on His heart for Mothers on Mother ‘ s Day this year. These truths gave me some perspective on the phenomenon of Motherhood.


Knowing God created us in His likeness, we can take comfort and awe in the fact that a big part of His nurturing, caring, protective nature is invested in the hearts of Mothers. When we conceive or adopt a child, something supernatural happens in our being. A transformation of values, beliefs and instincts. We become equipped! All of a sudden we care about healthy foods, good or bad influences and we instinctively reconsider each life choice with our little pandas in mind.

We are reminded that we are shaping someone’s husband or dad, or mother or wife!! Daily we are dealing with the future of our children’s families.

What an honour.

My mother – in – law thought me that being a good mother, doesn’t mean , you have to pamper and spoil your children, but rather to equip them to survive on their own. Raising children means preparing them for whatever life may throw their way. Teaching them how to handle rejection and disappointment in a constructive manner and empowering them to take the lead in life and make things happen.
We need to place our children in God’s care and entrust them to Him. He loves them even more than we do! We are responsible for them, but ultimately they are in His hands. The single most important thing we can do for our kids is to pray for them, to place them at God’s throne everyday.

Enjoy the privilege of being a mother, be free of worry and remember God has instilled within you with everything you need to be exactly the kind of mother your child needs.


2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Wow!!!!!!!!! Tears are running!!!! Well done Jean-Marie Kruger. Your words are so true and inspiring!

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