How to Get Toddlers to COOPERATE !

Let’s face it. It breaks you from the inside having to shout to get a reaction from your child. Okay, sure. Honestly – it happens sometimes. We do lose it sometimes!!

My son just bursts into tears and I get nothing from him until after we’ve had a good cuddle. So I have gathered that this is probably not the most effective course of action!!!




When we make it a task, a challenge, a game – or a goal to be reached, then he is all over it!! Sometimes it is a struggle to get the most ”routine” things done. Like getting dressed. He will just decide, today, dressing me is child abuse!! If we become silly and make getting dressed a game, it is almost always received with giggles!

Every time he takes his vitamins, he claps his hands and says “Daaaah!!!” Even in the middle of the night if he has to take fever meds :'(

Every night before bath time – We start by packing his toys into the box, soon enough he will join in and show us how much quicker he is able to get it done!


Toddlers will always do whatever pays off the quickest and gives them the most adverse reaction! At the end of the day, what they crave, is your attention. If you only react when they are naughty, that is what they will stick to!! Keep reprimands low-key, and keep praises over the top!


If Jurgen has an item in his hands which we are unsure if it could hurt him, or get damaged, my husband enthusiastically asks him to give it to Mommy, or Granny. He suddenly has something to do with that item which will make him eligible to look all grown up and get recognition!! Incentivise!!!!

Children differ, what works for one of your kids will possibly have the opposite reaction in your next child. We need to appreciate the fact that God made them so precious and complex, each child brings the adventure of discovering how to understand them – this is what makes parenting so exciting and rewarding 🙂

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    1. Wow Priya!I read your post on remedies for cough and cold and found it extremely useful as winter is finishing in South Africa now and we are really battling with colds. Thank you for your interest in our blog. What a joy to connect with like minded mommies around the world! xx

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