How Your Values are Sabotaging your Goals!

“Values are the little suckers who control your life and outcomes behind the scenes, without you even realizing it!! It is best to find out what they are and make sure they are in line with what you actually want for your life.

These can be listed as Family, Purpose or Money. We all have reasons behind the reasons that drive us. We don’t always think of them but they are ever present and ever influencing.”

The Adventure of Self Discovery 

Eliciting your values is a lengthy process and part of the comprehensive coaching program which can be a costly exercise.

This article will point you to the process of finding your real values. The wonderful news is that you can ‘edit’ your values on a subconscious level, to guide you to the outcomes you really desire for your life.

Values are not ideals. They are not the presentable paragons that fill your mind when you tell someone what is important to you. Values are embedded in your subconscious mind and can only be identified by looking at your day to day life.

  • How do you spend your time?
  • Looking around your room or office, what do you see?
  • Listening to your day to day thoughts, which subject features most often?
  • What is the subject of most of your dreams? (Literally, the stories you dream at night)

Dreams always tell the tale of what is important to you, what you worry about which thoughts are the most prominant.

When you drive, or ride a bike, you don’t consciously think of each action before you take it. These actions are governed by your subconscious mind. You know they say you never forget to ride a bike!? The unfortunate thing is that you cannot control your subconscious mind. It controls you…

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